By Audrey T. Nyamucherera

BROKE brings you one of the most innovative and forward-looking artists of our time. Exploring and capturing the times, socialeconomics, and even political climate through his work. The artists style lies heavily on the contemporary side, its uniqueness is fruit of the craft and research the artist has put into their minimal approach and brave perspective. We present to you Otsile Moumakoe.

Q.Please tell us your name and who you are referred as in the
art world?
A. My name is Otsile Moumakoe also known as VTSEK STUDIOS in the art world.

Q. When was the moment you realised you are an artist?
A. So funny enough when I was 14 I got in trouble at school for graffiti and came to the conclusion, that being an artist is for me I just didn’t know what type or that I’d eventually become a visual artist.

Q. What does your family think of you being an artist?

A. My family thinks it’s cool they just worry about how sustainable it is to be an artist in South Africa. 

Q. What’s your first memory of artwork?
A. The first artwork I remember seeing was an artwork at home that my family had in the tv room. It was an illustration of three pupils attending school under a tree. That’s all I can recall but at the time I honestly never thought of artwork until I started listening to hip hop when I was around 11/12 years old. I visited my cousin he took out a watch the throne cd and that shiny gold album cover really caught my eye, and ever since then I started paying attention to art through hip hop music.

Q. How would you describe your art style?
A. I would describe it as very different to what we know as art. I don’t draw I don’t paint I just manipulate images.It’s a very different way of making art and I would call it rebellious with a tongue-in-cheek side to it but more so, I like to describe it as a reflection of the times we grew up in and are living in currently, and I bring in those influences by so many things we see or have seen.

Q. Where would you like to see your art displayed?
A. I’d love to see my art displayed in spaces it’s truly appreciated and where its intention is achieved. Spaces it’ll spark conversation like streetwear stores, restaurants, bars just places that resonate with me and the community around me. One day I’d love to have an exhibition at Zeitz Mocca as one of my defining exhibitions and move towards that direction. I’d like to be an artist that can exist in different spaces and appeal to different audiences.

Q.What’s that one piece of art advice that you always give to

A. Vtsek get up and do something… Keep your head down and trust that you will make fire.

Q. How long did it take you to find your current style?

A. It took me 6 months to come up with my current art style . After learning a couple of techniques and doing research on my favourite artists and designers. I came up with something that I liked that represented me and I never looked back. 

Q. Where do you stand with people doing their 9-5 while
pursuing art and dedicating all their time to it?
A. I fully stand behind it if you’re in a position where you need a 9-5 because art isn’t paying the bills it only makes sense to have a 9-5. And work on the art until it can earn something sustainable off the art.


Q. Is there a message behind each of the pieces you create?
A. There’s different messages behind each of my artworks that either aims to celebrate and educate various topics or inspire myself as well as my audience.

Q. What do you think you did as an artist that set you apart from
A. Being able to tap into different aspects of popular culture and how I can take something nostalgic and make it relatable in today’s context is what sets me apart. Not to mention realising that there’s so much to reference from. Being South African we’re exposed to so many cultures and sub-cultures so the stories to tap into are
infinite and growing up in the era of the internet also exposed us to a lot and I think that’s what sets me apart my ability to tap into things that already existed and translating them.

This was a lens into the mind of visionary and documenter Vtsek studios. Innovator, household name and world reknowned artist in the making. Be ready, vtsek from us to you.

Stay blessed,
Stay powerful,