When we refer to “the culture” a lot comes to mind, the people, the sound, the
aesthetic, to the times that shape it and much more, but where would we be without the documenters? The ones imortalising moments of historic glory? The ones that make us go “damn I wish I was there”. The Photographers, the videographers our visual spirit guides. This series is for them, the special forces that keep the culture going, keep it alive and put the game on, making sure we never miss a moment. Through their lens we see the world.

Introducing the infamous Kahlo Greed aka Assante Chiweshe.

Q: When did you start your photography journey? 
A: I started my photography in 2019 with a deep interest in shooting with film, both
35mm and medium format.

Q: What do you love photographing the most? 
A: I’ve come to love taking photos of people, capturing moments that can be
remembered forever as evidence. My ultimate goal is to get into documentary
photography and story-telling, that is where I believe my creativity will be able to

Q: What type of photography are you most well-known for shooting?
A: I would say I am best known for event photography as well as portraits that I often
shoot on medium format.

Q: How would you describe your style/your signature?
A: I would describe my style as being intimate and honest. I really enjoy getting to
know my subject just before shooting, if it’s possible. 

Q: What’s your favourite camera/lens?
A: Probably my mamiya RB67. It was the first serious camera that I bought when
starting my journey.

Q: Why did you choose the pictures you’ve shared with BROKE ??  
A: They are true to who I am and who I am becoming. I have learnt so much
throughout my journey and I want to keep producing work that I enjoy. I also do
think that follows through with BROKE’s MO, I have always been a big fan of the way you have stuck to what feels authentic to you guys and the culture that you have nurtured and grown. It feels good to be seen by people who have the same mindset.

Q: What type of photography do you want to be known for? 
A: I would love to be known for multiple disciplines in photography whether it is
events, fashion, documentary etc., I would not want to limit myself to only succeed
in only one area. I aspire to learn and adapt to every opportunity I am given.

Q: Do you think photography is an art or should be recognised as one?  
A: 100%. Artists create, photographers create. Artists use their skills and ideas to
express themselves, just as photographers do the same. I think photography is
already recognised as an art to certain extent. 

Q: If someone wanted to start photography what camera would you suggest?  
A: Any point and shoot you can find. Pentax, Minolta, Olympus etc
Invest in a roll of film and start shooting.

Q: Finally, where would you like to see your work shown?
A: I am still a firm believer in print. I would love for my work to be seen in Zine’s,
photo book’s etc and hopefully release my own book in the future.

Stay Bless,
Stay Powerful,