The Culture never dies, it only multiplies!!

From the Golden ages of Braam, when we linked at Father Coffee, got the culture from Americana, to copping Kotini at Dipstreet. Braamfest and never-ending flair, we strived and vibed through the Juta streets. Sometimes catching bites at Neighbours.

We said hibernation for two years and came back stronger. In that time the Playground arrived. A space and time of style, expression, healthy energy and even more wholesome food. Hosting stalls for the countries flyest streetwear brands to head bobbing, hip weaving, groove seeding – live music to set the ambience for Saturday.

Brands like Happyville, Dope Store, and SGOD amongst others adorn the grounds where cotton eaters and customers of fire aesthetics flock. Sponsored by YOCO, local fashion brands have a platform to speak and sell to potential brand custodians, supporters that become loyal and rock these brands with pride. Connecting with a new aesthetic, a new culture, a new way. All at our fingertips then in our closets, collecting the combos finessing the fits.

If you want to eat trust all food you’ve desired – Mediterranean, premium Pasta, kosher, ipapa you name it, we all eating. Upholding the Neighborgood name and more.

Get some fresh air, good food and meet new energies at the Playground.

Stay Bless