By Audrey Tafadzwa Nyamucherera

On the 20th of August 2022, PURPOSE took precedence as Sportscene’s ANATOMY unveiled their new collection to the public. In the loose sentiments of Anatomy’s culture, Were all here by divine purpose with presence to embrace and intention to fulfil.

Hosted at the notorious Kalashnikov gallery and emceed by the notable Kgomotso Kiggy in vivid Braamfontein. Squads of stylish beings connected before the show by way of introductions and compliments across as we awaited the utilitarian 'Nothing But Purpose’ collection'
Garments adorned by multiple pockets and links adding a gritty edge to staple
pieces - shorts, tactical vests, bags and infamous cargos that split into shorts.
The experience offered attendees different ways to be immersed in the
concept and vision of PURPOSE. The collection’s ultimate message aims to
tap into the fight for mental health, inspiring us to go outside, to explore, do
what stirs us and to occupy meditative spaces that reinforce our energy. This
was translated vividly in the launch space, where a garden-esque vegetative
installation invited us in and kept attendees excited throughout the evening,
coupled with meditative headphones that were open to the public at any time
in the launch.
Truly a full circle experience, that was elevated with live performances from artist SIO and Flex of (He & I) to carry the show. A Purpose filled evening indeed, and a collection that sews seeds for greatness to come. S – O(shout out) to Anatomy and it’s super talented team!

Stay Bless,
Stay Powerful,