By: Audrey Tafazdwa Nyamucherera


It’s just over a week and we’re still coming down from the powerful high of our RUNWAY. Smiles and chats filled the room, with excitement and curiosity, as fashion auras like Lukhanyo Mdingi & Imran Mohamed shared space with stylists, journos and fashion lovers, preparing to see the new collection and experience their ultimate styled selves fully.


Family - the truest word to describe the BROKE collective. A force of multi-talented individuals grinding for one goal – conquering dreams over expectations. The fam kept true to form - succeeding in executing the RUNWAY of the year, at cultural icon Lemkus. In the words of BROKE general Slo himself, “This is God given, our parents prayers are being answered”.

We powered up for July, after Ace, proposed a runway on the fly, aimed for July 16th turned 30th, the date we know and love. The day leaving fearless Creative Director, Ace, feeling goosebumps and the thrill of success. Just rewards after BROKE sacrificed greatly – even groceries were put on old. “More than anything you have to sacrifice for what you truly want.” – Ace Andile Dlamini.


Masterful coordination by BINO flourished, to powerful brainstorming by BROKE camp, as original runway music produced by Roscoe and Coinz synced the show together, fulfilling the vision a top level release, executing a runway showcase for the first ever time, independently. Sponsors 0, but passion on 1 million with support from family Lemkus, Grasshopper and ASA Magazine.



The World Is Yours was released.

Incorporating staple pieces from T’s, hoodies to corduroy pants. BROKE elevated as usual, family like Carol and Fatena couldn’t help feel proud, crediting BROKE success to theIR belief and love in one other. Something the two hope continues to ground and propel BROKE forward. The collection includes modern renditions of the coach jacket and A/W hunting coats aka  “the BROKE work Shacket” forcing BROKE supportyers to fork out funds, because, if you know BROKE you know it flies off the shelves every time – ask Jozi(Johannesburg)


The runway succeeded, and as Whitney the stylist said ”I’m not worried, there’s no way the boys will fail, God’s got them, and that’s on BROKE!”, she was right. Topping a simple showcase of garments by creating an inclusive experience for all.


Everyone felt immersed in BROKE culture, the runway on 3rd floor showcased the BROKE collection in performative fashion while broadcasting live. Cole said “pull up and have fun, f*** shit up, because this is the first of it’s kind!” and with good reason, as next - people bought the collection on 2nd floor as Insertcoinz & friends tailored the vibes for the after nkwari(party) on the last nkunzi level - 4th floor, celebrating the day and people.


As Rae from ASA said, “BROKE is top notch, it’s up there, they don’t play, so we keep the same energy, because BROKE is the real deal.”


We’re a product of your belief, we are all BROKE. Enter the new world order - The World Is Yours.

Stay Bless,

Stay Powerful,