By: Audrey T. Nyamucherera (Editor)

Is it the timeless leather? The posh and sleek aesthetic? Or simply nca design…The Loafer is back and booming. However did it ever really leave? Legacy brands like Dakota, Weejuns and Dr Martens of this classic piece of footwear have resurfaced in the contemporary fashion scene lead by fashion icons like ASAP Nast, Tyler the Creator and Danny Lomas of PQR. South African fashionistas and finessers like Thabo Modiselle & Oratile Moh take it a combo further everyday, combining the Loafer with their fits in flamboyant ways determined to make noise and take fashion to the next level.


Sourced: @feliciathegoat and @dakotaSA Instagram      

         Sourced: @feliciathegoat and @dakotaSA Instagram

The history of the Loafer takes it’s genesis from the time of the 1930’s. Norwegian men invented the basic foundation of the shoe, some American kids saw the slippers while on a trip, took some home, wore them in their fly prepatory fashion. The shoe got spotted was commercialized by Loafer heritage brand G.H.Bass founded by George Henry Bass and the rest is history. The first loafer produced by them was the Bass Weejun, in the year 1936 inspired by the company’s creators Bass and Weejun a twist of the word Norwegian.


              Sourced: @dakotaSA and @ghbass on Instagram
It’s seen many different variations over the footwears lifetime, such as the “Penny Loafer“; “Tommy Loafer“; The Vic and so many more. Savants of Fashion and footwear from the Europe, Asia, Americas and here at home in Africa, tend to be loyalists to style and the brands supplying them with the aesthetic they desire. We’re saying cottage core for the summer, with the white pull up socks that always ruffle and polished penny loafers for the picnic. You can’t go wrong with this timeless piece of fashion. 



       Sourced: @asapnast and @fabrikhunter on Instagram

The shoe’s upper sole is crafted from soft supple leather that can be hand sewn, and given the utmost attention.  The leather is checked and approved followed by a tubular cut to the classic moccasin design. Stitched by hand and machine, with two needles used to create the beef roll. Finished off with the upper razored off and polished to complete that classic aesthetic we know and love. 

The allure of this archetype inspired renowned fashion houses to create loafers of their own. Houses such as Jonathan D, Gucci, Prada just to name a few. From upper echelon, classic to street influenced style, the loafer is celebrated across tastes. Cottage core to Kasi finesse, Royalty to Misfits, one shoe crosses cultures and timelines. For the Love of Loafers and authentic aesthetics.


Sourced: @fabrikhunter and @broke_wear on Instagram

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