Welcome to the very first issue of Guluva Chronicles. Every now and then, we’ll be dropping articles chronicling life elokhishini. Now don’t get me wrong, we won’t be focusing on the not so cute side of it all, think there’s more than enough information online about that. 

 You’re probably still wondering what these so called “Guluva Chronicles” are. Zwakala nga neno ukuze ngi zoku faka esithombeni.


 Each episode, we’ll share written work that will talk about fashion, history and everything that’s synonymous to life elokhishini. Each “episode” will focus on one topic or aesthetic that’s synonymous to township life. Basically with each article, we’ll be sharing stories about impilo yase lokhishini. We’ll be discussing how growing up there has an influence, especially where fashion is concerned. As we dive deeper, we will also take a look at some “iconic” fashion moments that have shaped our personal style and taste. This wouldn’t only be from my point of view. From time to time, I will also have conversations with other people where they also share their stories and life in their worlds.

Stay Bless.