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 Sanibonani ba ngani emkhaya.

I know it’s been a while since we all got together as a family. We’re back and

are about to go harder than crack in the 80s. On today's episode, I’m not

alone…ngi phethe umjita oblind.

Q: Please tell us a bit more about yourself and about the work you do ?

A: Born Clinton Makabongwe Ndlela, commonly known as Envy. I’m a recording artist, model and overall fashion enthusiast from Kwa-Mashu, a township located in the east side of Durban. Where I’m from really plays a very prominent role when it comes to how I express my art. I mainly draw   inspiration from day to day experiences with people I interact with in my community. My style is heavily influenced by the 90’s,  amapantsula and early 00’s western fashion.

Q: What inspires your work?

A: The city of Durban really serves as a colossal inspiration to the work that I do. Most people that reside in eThekwini have a certain aura about them. It just screams creativity and iit really is everywhere. The township, commonly known as ‘ilokishi’ inspires me daily in a number of ways…from the conversations to the lingo and all the way down to the style that we have. I always make it a thing for me to be proud of who I am and where I am from. Lokhishi has played such a great role in shaping me into who I am. Embodying who I am wouldn’t be possible if I did not give props to my township. Having that mentality and running with it has allowed me to tap into my personal growth a lot.

  (Image sourced: Instagram @Nangu_Envy)


Q: How does music and style come together in your world ?

 A: Growing up in a musical family, I was bound to be exposed to music from anearly age. The earliest recollection I have is all thanks to my older brother. Hecame back home with the Soulja Boy tell em’ album copy. The weird thing was, his copy was titled ‘iSouljahboytellem’. Going through that CD, I found his image and style really cool. When I later saw his music video, his swag was everything and more. Young Envy was more than convinced that’s how I was trying to dress up when I got older.

Q: Would you say you’ve found a way to merge your love for fashion and music in your everyday life?

A: I would definitely say I have found a way to merge the two. My love for music and fashion is at its peak. I make sure that I style myself in  a way that showcases my character before we can even hold a conversation. Nowadays we have figures like Kanye West and A$AP Rocky that I personally reference. They went out of their way to merge their love for music and fashion. Therefore it is important for me to push barriers where I’m from. It’s of high importance to execute quality whether it be when I am writing down lyrics or putting together an outfit for the day.

Q: Umjita oBlind…what’s the inspiration behind that?

A: Umjita oBlind when translated means ‘a guy that's great’ in township lingo.The term ‘blind’ in the streets means something is either really good orimpressive. When referring to myself as that, it simply means that I am aconfident individual. Anything I partake in, I always see myself as umjitaoblind. Even when I have those encounters that can shake my self cav a bit, I always have a quick chat with myself and reaffirm lomjita.

Come hell or high waters, I am umjita oblind. That phrase really serves as a way to push myself even when I doubt my ideas. I always remind myself that there isn’t an idea not worth trying.


 (Image sourced: Instagram @Nangu_Envy)

Q: What does it mean to be “lomjita oblind” to you?

A: Being ‘umjita oblind’ to me means being prolific. Knowing that in any avenue that I am in…be it a creative one or not, I am able to be myself at all times. That approach allows me and my work to be easily distinguished. The likelihood of someone having the same ideas or life experience as mine is next to nothing. The circumstances and events I’ve been through have shaped the person I am today. Throughout the years, I’ve realized that anyone can be ‘umjita oblind’. Having that mentality has been one of my keys to prevailing. It’s important to be yourself at all times. Finding different ways to express myself really helped me to become the best version of myself.

You heard here first folks “anyone can be umjita oblind”. With that being said, let us go out there and just be great. Sibe ama ghost ka khulu ku na kuqala.


Stay Blessed