The latest single from Iamslo-Run It Up dropped this morning, This new offering from the artist is a BRAZY/beautiful/bold balance of insane gully and gritty production by Roscosteazy. Featuring BigSlatt900 on the track. The rapper lets us in to more of his psyche and background with with profound, powerfuland transparent bars.

A piece of work that’s real music and not just fluff to fill the void. “I want people to party to this song, but also make sure people can relate to the song it’s not just a track for just sake” says Slo. Compelling Slo fans and music lovers to really listen, hear and consume the artist. Slo says on one his bars “Sosuku ulula ungatyangauvuke ekuseni uyophanda?“ loosely translated to “have you ever went to bed on an empty stomach…then wake up in the morning to go hustle”. Noting to his listeners that the struggle is relatable. He shares part of his life story with us and hoping he can impart some healing, or connection through his art. Divulging his demons and spreading his soul on the sound.

This is the single that will have us looking at Slodifferently. He’s committed to his vision and writing as much as he is to creating a vibe wherever he is, as he attests to on the track. A storyteller beginning to develop his narrative. Slo is a manifests music is his medium for doing so, using it to provide and to pursue his vision ruthlessly.

Run It Up is the first single off Days Before the Drop 2 the EP, releasing before the year ends!

 Listen here


Stay Blessed