By: Audrey Tafadzwa Nyamucherera

BROKE brings you Lukile Masters, the producer, singer and songwriter creates sonic art from his treasure chest of melodies, sound, rhythm and general eclectic inspiration. The artist is grounded in romantic surrealism, and a positive regard for life as the source of his creativity and beautiful song-writing.


The hyper-genre inclined musician possesses a catalogue of unexpected meshing’s of surreal 8-bit video game pop, reminiscent of Missy Elliot high kicked beats & bass and Timbaland-esque hip-hop. Sprinkled with sugary electronic  and dreamy lofi synth experimentation flirting in between – whatever, you want to name it, the art is truly enjoyed in a left of centre way.

On SNAKEBONES, Lukile unleashes his unique perspective once again by focusing his ear and ability towards dark and feverish rhythms that raise you up. The track has nuances of Michael Jackson production and sultry vocal tones. While his lyrics throw us into a world of introspection adorned in alternative sonic combinations. You’ll be listening and bobbing simultaneously, smoothly, instinctively.

Some ears felt the mastering on the hook can be elevated for a higher audible experience. Throughout the song, the transition of sounds and playful experimentation with production elements takes you on multiple journeys, without catching you off guard but at times influencing a very dream like state in your encounter with the artists music.


Listen to SNAKEBONES below and comment what you think of the tune.

Stay Blessed,

Stay Powerful,