From the streets of Cape Town to Jozi - justtraviscpt is a technically skilled, genre-fluid, crowd-pleasing DJ, behind CDJs since 2016 but like every other artist, there’s a corny ass story that starts like this…

In high school, he was friends with a Namibian guy obsessed with South African house music – it’s all he’d want to play. One day the two decided to download Virtual DJ on pc, one thing lead to another, his friend plugs a USB, opens Virtual DJ and starts mixing tracks, and Travis wanted to know how it all worked and voila - new hobby.

Fast forward to 2016, when things really start. Long story short; someone throws a party and asks Travis and his people to DJ. Luckily they all shared a DJ friend (Uncool Luke) who showed them the cue and play buttons, and they took it from there. Travis was first part of a DJ duo with his friend Dolla known as Dirty $kittlez. Time went by and Trav’s confidence grew, so did the Dirty Skittlez chemistry, which got them known in Cape Town and secured them residencies. They then met Mzo and Nick of Headhoncho, who helped propel them with bookings for HH events, that converted to playing at Rocking The Daisies in 2017 and Ultra SA the year after. 

They continued as Dirty $kittlez, until Travis was approached by Y?GEN to join their team as a supporting DJ – launching his Solo career, and things elevated from there. He played brand events, album launches and even birthday parties. The run was incredible and in that he found his sound - old school Hip-Hop and R&B – Old head gems. Cape Townians absolutely love that, but he didn’t box himself in, he had dope DJ mentors that exposed him to playing all kinds of Kwaito, House, Trap and other alternate sounds. Now it’s 2020 mid-lockdown. Life changes through work, seeing Travis move to Joburg – where he knew a handful of people, but was keen to see how he’d fit into the game - knowing there’s a proper industry in JHB and people are for business. After months of going out alone, introducing himself to people, networking, he met Nouveax - who gave him the opportunity to play at Soundest Sunday. Luckily for Travis but unlucky for the DJ in question, as the DJ before Travis got sick resulting in Travis playing a 2 hour set, showing his fluidity with music. If you were there that day, you know exactly how it went down.

Since then, his journey in Joburg has been wild. Positioning himself in the right spaces and places, with the right faces too. Getting residencies at Pantone Sundays, playing at Bacardi Holiday Club, Strictly Soul, Sunday Roast, Soundset Sunday, UMI Festival, and a lot more, including Rocking The Daisies again but without Dolla.

And now he’s here, always remember… any genre, any place, any time, ALL THE TIME. But here’s a Hip-Hop mix though

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