Glock Angel is a 21 year old engineering graduate who started DJing at the beginning of 2021 after dropping a mix that was well received amongst local partygoers. She started out by playing hip hop and trap at the beloved Waiting Room and now plays at a variety of other events.

Glock Angel regularly plays at Hearty Collective for Edition Events, she’s played at Pantone Sundays, Dermalogica, Yours Truly, The Old Biscuit Mill and even the Hard Rock cafe. She has now dj’ed in Cape Town, Joburg and Durban and plays most genres including hip hop/trap, afrobeats, house, amapiano, R&B, soul/indie, reggaeton & dancepop.

She will also be throwing her first ever event, Angel’s 22 on the 15th of June, in collaboration with Edition Events at Hearty, for her birthday and next venture into the events world.




Stay bless,